Grid Painter

Grid Painter is the premium application in the IOS app store that makes it easy to utilize the grid technique in our modern digital world. Developed in cooperation with amazing artists, Grid Painter has everything you need. Whether you are just starting out, teaching someone, or are an advanced artist, make it easy with these great features:

  • Image import from your photos, camera, or other apps using "Open In.." like text messages
  • Auto scale the image with an appropriate sized grid
  • Scale your image for any sized project
  • Image cropping
  • Share or print your grid image for reference or to let someone else draw it
  • Projects are saved and can be worked on anytime

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This short video demonstrates all of the features of Grid Painter and will help you get the most out of it.

What is the grid technique?

The grid method has been used by artists for centuries as a tool for creating images with correct proportions. Renaissance artists, even the great Leonardo da Vinci, used the grid method! The grid method dates back to the ancient Egyptians. It is clearly a useful method for artists and aspiring artists alike.

The principle behind it is simple. By breaking up the image into even sized squares, you can easily recreate and scale any image simply by drawing smaller images into each of the squares. So instead of drawing the entire image at once, you break it down into little, undaunting pieces. The size and proportions take care of themselves!

Once you have used Grid Painter to select your image, size your project, and selected the grid size you want to use, simply replicate that grid on your drawing surface. For example, lets say you scale your image to fit a 10in. x 8in. canvas. Using a ruler and a very fine pencil, lightly create the rectangle. Then create the grid using the size that you wanted. If you chose 2in., draw vertical lines every 2in. and then horizontal lines every 2in. This results in equal squares spread across the image in the same ratio and proportion as your original image.

Once your grid is complete, draw what is in each square in Grid Painter into the corresponding square of your canvas. As you go make sure you step back and make sure the proportions you are drawing are still correct and the image is coming together. But remember, this is art! Its okay to make it your own!

When you are satisfied you no longer need the grid, you can erase or incorporate the lines as you go along and then brag to your friends.

Grid Painter is available now in the App store!

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